Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Great Carrier Debate

Thanks for stopping by and joining in on one of the most talked about subjects when you are expecting or have a baby you'd like to carry.  What is the greatest carrier on the market today.

This blog is intended to help guide you and save you tons of money in your search. It's open for discussion and maybe in the end we will find that what works for some won't work for others.

My son is one years old and I have to say I have tested many a different carrier at my expense.

When asking other moms how they liked the carrier they were using (the most common carrier you see out there for forward facing babies) I would always get the response, "well every carrier causes some back pain you can't expect not to have discomfort when carrying your baby".

This statement as you check out the carrier reviews is completely false.  With a  properly made carrier you can carry even a toddler for hours with little to no discomfort.  

Yes that is correct you can have a great carrying relationship with your little one... you just need to find the carrier that works for your family.

I did what many of you are doing. Went online to see what others are saying about the carriers they felt worthy of their dollar.  However in doing the research I found after purchasing the carrier and using it for longer than a day (when most of the reviews were formed) they didn't stand up to what some people were saying about them.

I walk at minimum 3 hours per day carrying my son so I need the carrier to be functional for both him and myself.  I needed to be able to breastfeed in the carrier without having to remove him.  Although the research shows forward facing isn't the best I also needed that option as my son loved to see the world and fussed when he couldn't for a period of time.  Now that he is older he is over that phase but having been at a stage where it was important I can understand mom's need to have the perfect all around carrier.

Currently the carriers I have tested are good for either front facing, regular carry/back carry and or neither.  I have yet to find the all around perfect carrier and when I do... that carrier will hold the NUMBER 1 Spot in my top 5!

What we have here is a rating system that takes comfort, ease of use, breastfeeding friendly, and shoulder/back pain prevention into account.  Just to name a few of the points I will try to hit.

Let's go review our first carrier shall we and see how they stand up to the test!

If you have a carrier you'd like reviewed please contact us and we will be more than happy to test, try and review it for you.  (return shipping is to be paid by you, testing will be done on both newborn and toddler).  A Sacred Path Services

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