Monday, April 22, 2013

Infantino Flip Carrier - Black

Price Point: Infantino Flip -49.99 at Toys R Us

TYPE: Buckle Style Carrier

What they say about it...
The Flip gives you freedom and flexibility with all day support & comfort. It was smartly designed with multiple carrying positions, onboard accessories and breathable fabric. Crafted for moms yet cool enough for dads. Lumbar support helps relieve your shoulders.3 ways to carry: baby face-in, baby face-out, backpack. Secure and comfortable fit. Simple to put on. Weight distribution system.

What we say about it...

This carrier provided little to no comfort and was truly as waste of money.  

I used this product for walks over an hour and my back would begin hurting after 15 minutes.  The pocket in the front is useless and can't be used for much more than a small face cloth.  Anything else would dig into the baby and has a chance of getting lost due to the lack of closure.  

I will say that you are able to breastfeed in this carrier discretely and easily but that is as far as it goes for pro's.

Baby's legs will dangle it is not ergonomically designed though better than some it is still not recommended.  There are no rings to tie pacifiers or toys to, the lumbar support that is supposed to be there is useless as it is more of a belt than support.  

In the end I would not recommend this to my friends. 

  • Ability to nurse discrete
  • Breathable materials
  • Newborns comfortable
  • Newborns secure
  • Long walks not possible
  • Not ergonomically seated
  • Straps dig into shoulders
  • Uncomfortable
  • Useless front pocket
  • Useless lumbar support
  • No hood
  • 15 minute walks
  • Newborns-2months
  • dolls

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