Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Bjorn Family

Price Point: Baby Bjorn -129.99-200.00 Various Retailers

TYPE: Buckle Style Carrier
What they say about it...
The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original Spirit makes it easy to keep your baby close and secure while you go about your daily activities. Developed with the help of both parents and medical experts, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original Spirit helps position the baby comfortably and at the same time provides the proper support for the infant's spine and hips. Wide straps distribute weight evenly, so it's extremely comfortable to wear without stress on your back or shoulders. It's also easy to put on and remove by yourself because all adjustments are in front.

The Baby Carrier Active provides you with optimum weight distribution thanks to the comfortable lumbar support and the broad, padded shoulder straps, while always keeping your child safe and sound in the baby carrier.

What we say about it...

This carrier provided little to no comfort and was truly a big waste of money.  

Apparently for men this carrier is a great one.  However for most women this carrier provides little to no support after baby gets a bit heavy.  

Our son was 15 pounds when it was clear this carrier would not work for our family.  I won't talk about the lack of ergonomic design, but I will say if you make it past 3 months with this one, with baby's legs dangling as they do, the older the baby gets the harder it is to use this carrier comfortably when walking.  Your baby will use your legs as spring boards or you will simply knock their legs as you walk.

The shoulder straps dig in once baby gets over the 15 pound threshold and my back ached quickly when baby was in this carrier.

I could not walk for longer than 30 minutes without having to stop attempt to readjust and carry on.  I ended up having severe back pains with this carrier and in the end sold it online.

Yes you can breastfeed in this carrier, yes you can allow baby to face forward (which I am fully aware isn't the best position for baby due to current research), and yes it is relatively easy to use.

However what matters is the bottom line and it is .....  I would not recommend this carrier to a friend.

  • Can face out
  • Baby grow out quickly
  • Can't wear for long time
  • Carrier material not soft
  • Cause back and neck pain
  • Cause shoulder pain
  • No hood 


  • Dolls
  • new borns

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