Friday, April 26, 2013

ERGO- Organic original design

Price Point: ERGO organic original carrier- 100.00-150.00

TYPE: Buckle Style Carrier


What they are saying about it!
Product Description
With its versatile 3-in-1 design, the ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier - is a comfortable and ecologically friendly solution for carrying your child through the stages of early development. This carrier provides a continuous physical connection between parent and baby that's comforting for both, and its convenient hands-free design allows parents to tend to daily activities without missing a beat. With a soft, durable organic cotton twill exterior, interior rip-stop reinforcements and reinforced stitching, this carrier is built to stand the test of time, and its snuggly, 100% organic cotton sateen lining and built-in sleeping hood keep baby comfortable. Foam-filled shoulder straps and an adjustable waist belt that features high-density neoprene foam distribute baby's weight evenly, making it easy for mom or dad to wear this carrier for extended periods.

For use with children between 12 lb. (5.5 kg) and 45 lb. (20 kg). Children between 7 lb. (3 kg) and 12 lb. (5.5 kg) must use the ERGO baby Infant Insert (sold separately).

What we say about it...

Everything they say is true about this carrier and more.  This carrier has been the go to carrier for our family.  Despite some of the flaws which I will discuss below this carrier has been the carrier I grab when the new one we are trying fails to compare.

Can be used on the front, back and as a hip carry.

Let's talk first about the comfort.  I can easily wear this carrier for over 3 hours with my one year old son.  Breastfeeding is a breeze in this carrier and the material is so soft it is like an extension of you.  The ergonomic design is perfect for baby wearing and for babies developing hips.

The  padded straps are so padded they never dig into your shoulders and the lumbar support when baby is on your back is truly lumbar support.  I love the pocket which holds a good sized wallet (I don't recommend cell phones being placed in the pocket due to the heat generated from them among other stuff but let's not get into that just yet, after all we just met :)  The hood also gives you a great option if your shy and want a bit more coverage during feeding or sun shade.

Now the flaws I have found first off the infant insert is NOT good for baby if you are having your son/daughter in a warm climate or during the summer for those of us Canadians.  I found my son overheated easily in it when he was a newborn.  Though it did give him tons of support it also left him sweaty and cranky at times.  I find the straps adjustment is very hard to do if you like me had to adjust to breastfeed and then re-position for the correct hold after he was done.  Because the straps pull down from just under your arm pit sometimes it can be difficult to adjust especially with a bulky jacket or a cranky baby.

As a flaw I will also put down that it is not forward facing capable.  I understand fully that it is not recommended to carry baby forward facing.  However if you are like me have a baby for one reason or another refuses to be facing you and needs to face out for your sanity and their sleep then this carrier cannot help you in that department.

Despite its few flaws this carrier is the best carrier on the market today.  It offers overall the best support, the best design and the best value for the money.

So we most definitely recommend this carrier to a friend.



  • Comfortable
  • Strong Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Easy to use
  • Breastfeeding friendly
  • not forward facing capable
  • requires an infant insert  for newborn

  • Out & about 
  • Daily use
  • Infants and toddlers
  • Travel
  • 3 months plus
  • long walks
  • hikes

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