Thursday, February 25, 2016

Valco Snap Ultra~ Tailormade

I have been waiting for a long time to say this but there is now a stroller on the North American Market that has taken three strollers and melded them into one almost perfect stroller. I was able to test out the Valco Snap Ultra~ Tailormade recently by a company called Valco Baby.  They are an Australian company that has been in the business of making strollers for over 30 years.   This family run company is the #1 leading stroller company in Australia.  Let me tell you I fell in love with the Snap Ultra it is a lightweight, has a reversible seat, can be used from birth to toddlerhood, and goes from an everyday stroller to an all terrain stroller (with added sports pack) without needing to buy a whole new system.

Lets talk about all the features this baby has.  It weighs in at a mere 19 pounds with the regular wheels attached.  One of the best features of this stroller is that you don’t have to remove the seat or change the direction to fold it.  You simply click and fold.  Its stand alone compact fold feature is a true bonus.

The seat can be adjusted so baby can face you or out without any compromise to the seat function. You can opt to buy a bassinet (at this time available in the USA only) for this stroller however the seat itself lays flat enough for a new born and as well they include a foot muff that gives this stroller the appearance of having a bassinet without the added hardware.  For those with limited space this means no additional parts to store after your finished that stage.  

The stroller has a very high seat back so my very tall 3.5 year old fits as well as my tiny 1.5 year old.  It also has an adjustable foot rest which is a big bonus. The canopy is high enough that when my son is in it his head does not touch the canopy.  The canopy has 2 zippered panels so it goes from great shade protection to amazing shade protection simply by unzipping one or both of the panels.  The 5 point harness is adjustable for those that don’t want to be strapped in you can remove the shoulder harness and just use the three point harness for the older kids.  It also features a very generous basket that is easy to access from all sides.

The push is very smooth I felt that with the air tires on it gave it a much better gripped push but over all the push is pretty amazing as is  We even pushed it through the snow a day after snow fall and it pushed with ease though about 3” of snow with the sport pack.  This stroller truly is a gem it will replace three strollers if your looking for one stroller that can do multiple jobs this is the one you should seriously consider.  Valco is coming out with leatherette covers for the handlebars (they are BEAUTIFUL!) which is a big bonus as the foam gets dirty during the fold.

What I would love to see for the upgrades in 2017 is an adjustable handlebar for those under 5’ this stroller may seem too tall but with an adjustable bar that would fix this.  I am 5’4” and pushed it with no problems but I can see where others may want the option to lower the bar or raise it for those taller parents. The other thing that is upsetting is the fact that the weight limit is only 44pds. I tested this with a 40 pound toddler and then a 60 pound sand bag and the material handled well to both.  I was still able to push it with ease and the material seemed to handle the higher weight with no issues or compromise.  Mom to mom this stroller wouldn’t have any issues with a child on the higher end of the curve.  I would also like to see the words ethically made in China on the stroller.  As well maybe some suspensions but not sure how that would then affect the overall weight.

This stroller gets a full 9 out of 10 from me.  It retails now for $579 Canadian and comes in denim, grey and black. All tailormade.


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