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Emei baby Carrier

eMEIbaby- Hybrid Carrier 169.99 - 189.99

Price Point: eMEIbaby169.99 - 189.99 
TYPE: Hybrid

RECOMMENDATION: Maybe (please read why)

What they are saying about it!

Product Description

  • Hybrid sling carrier- The emeibaby carrier is a combination of a sling and a backpack. It combines the benefits of slings with the benefits of a backpack.

            • mum invented-  emeibaby founder Daniela designed the first emeibaby carrier for her daughter. She wanted a baby carrier with all the benefits of a wrap but easy as a backpack. 

  • eMEIbaby is adjustable to YOUR and to BABY´S size- Buckles and straps are for adjustment to your size. With the rings you adjust the sling fabric to baby´s size. emeibaby grows with your baby, it always reaches from knee to knee. 

  • Made in Europe

Product Features ·What makes the emeibaby carrier special? The emeibaby carrier is a combination of a sling and a carrier. Babies are carried like in a sling but the emeibaby carrier is easier to use. Thanks to its ring system it can be precisely adjusted to the baby's size from birth and is continuously adjustable to grow with the child. It can be used from birth up to 15 kg / 33 lbs. Do I have to adjust the emeibaby carrier before every use? No. Once the carrier has been adjusted to the baby's size the aluminium rings on the shoulder straps firmly clamp the fabric in place to maintain the desired position. See this video how to use the adjusted emeibaby carrier: Video. Using the emeibaby carrier with size XXL. The shoulder straps of the emeibaby carrier are double adjustable and the emeibaby carrier fits from XXS to XXL.
What we say about it...

The eMEIbaby

This carrier had me stumped.  I usually can tell right away how to rate it, but because this one is a bit more complicated to use it was hard to give it a rating right away.  I didn't want to do it a disservice by rating it before truly giving it a shot.

Let me explain what I mean by more complicated... the eMEIbaby is a hybrid carrier a cross between a sling and a buckle carrier.  When I say it is complicated to use I mean it isn't as easy as putting on a buckle style carrier and going.  They say on the website that once you have it set you don't need to re-adjust but I do.  When I am feeding my son I need my carrier lower it's just the way my body lines up, which means every time I feed him I am finding myself adjusting the carrier to suit my needs and then trying to re-adjust when baby is satisfied and sleeping.  If your baby is at the stage my son is at now it also makes it very annoying for those on and off, stop and start feeding sessions.    

The way that the carrier adjusts makes it a much more difficult to use.  I can't reach the straps under the arms to adjust quickly so I need to loosen the fabric (the section of the carrier which makes it like a sling) and then reach behind to adjust the straps under my arm.  With a fussy baby or a cranky one it takes a while and by the end of it we are both frustrated.

Let me tell you though, once the carrier is in place if you do not have to adjust it, it is wonderful.  I love how close the sling portion brings baby, how well constructed it is and how comfortable the carrier feels for extended carries.  It is a great carrier if you want a sling but the comfort of a buckle.  However if you are looking for a buckle carrier I would not recommend this one, as like most of us the reason you are looking for a buckle carrier is to be able to pick it up and go no fuss no muss.

For this reason I have said maybe as the recommendation - due to the comfort of the carrier I cannot just say no.  It truly is a comfortable and well made carrier.  However I can't say yes because if you are looking for the comfort and ease of say and Ergo or Beco then this one won't do you justice.

Try it out join a baby wearing group in your area.  For mine it is the Toronto Baby wearing group called Carry Me Close.  You can join for a yearly fee and borrow the slings, carriers and wraps they have in the library.  It's a great way to test it before you commit to buying it.   


  • Use from birth to toddler without insert
  • Comfortable
  • Strong Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Breastfeeding friendly
  • Hybrid for those that want the comfort of a sling but ease of buckle carrier
  • Suckling pads available

  • for fussy babies re-adjusting sometimes takes a while
  • No foot Straps
  • isn't simple to put on and off when adjustments required
  • not as easy as a buckle style carrier


  • Out & about 
  • Daily use
  • Infants 
  • Travel
  • long walks 
  • hikes
Written by Viviana Marinacci


  1. It is called eMEIbaby carrier NOT emie.

    1. Thank you for catching that we have corrected the mistake

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